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With over 30 years of Engineering and IT experience, Dharm has obtained a cross functional set of skills and experitise. He has acted as a consultant for Telecommunication Coverage Planning and Fiber Rollout and Implementation. He has also consulted on Manufacturing and Production challenges and improvements

Dharm is a firm believer in the application of "Engineering First Principles" to any given problem. Any process in any industry can be improved using this method and as such, regardless of the Industry concerned, the first principles approach always produces results by breaking down any problem into smaller chunks, identifying the root cause of the problem, and then arriving at a solution. As such, he is able to utilise his experience in Aviation MRO and apply that to many Production and Manufacturing related industries. His exposure to Six Sigma and other Quality tools has enabled him to offer solutions and best practice to other non-technical industries as well.

He has consulted with various companies in implementing changes to their processes as well as building on existing processes to improve them further in line with improving Quality and reducing Cost. He has also worked with a number of companies on implementing Quality Management Systems as well as OSH Systems and was also instrumental in producing an OSH Working at Heights Manual for one of the large utility providers in Malaysia.

Dharm has also provided strategic consultancy to various companies and foreign business councils/chambers of commerice on the general aviation and telecommuncation landscape and opportunities for investment locally and some of the challenges that entrants to the market may face.

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