My experience is diverse and covers many areas as below:
  • Company Events
  • School Events
  • Conferences and Meetings
  • Landscape Shots
  • Street Photography
  • Buildings and Tourism
  • Birthday
  • Food Photography
  • Portraits
Samples of my work can be viewed in the Folio section of this site.

My Philosophy

Photography can be very personal and each clients needs is different

My approach is to discuss with the client what their needs are. Whether they prefer candid shots or more posed/focused shots. Or is it simply to record the event with a wide gamut of shots. Regarldess of your needs, you can be assured of a dedicated and professional photographer.

My Equipment

While there are many camera brands and models out there, I lean toward the Canon.

I use a Canon 750D with various lenses ranging from wide 18mm focal length to 250mm zoom. This enables a wide range of focal lengths to capture landscapes as well as portraits. This is especially useful in conference or wedding settings where it is possible to quickly move from a group shot or perspective angle to a closeup portrait.