Consulting - Media


With an excellent grasp of the English language, various services are provided relating to media and publication. From assisting in producing Press Releases, to editing and proofreading documents and creating content.

Dharm has written various articles for various publications that include the inflight magazines for Malaysia Airlines and Firelfly Airline. Dharm has also contributued articles for magazines such as Her World and was also commission to write several feature articles for The Star and The New Straits Times.

He has also written many opinion pieces on current socio-political issues in the press. To this end, he is often used as a resource by a number of foreign Business Councils and Chambers of Commerce to obtain insight on the current socio-political landscape and what the general feeling on the ground is. Dharm also provides translation services, from Bahasa Malaysia to English, especially for official statements that are usually distributed only in BM.

He also has a great interest in photography and has performed work for various companies as a photographer to document their events and functions.

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