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In today's ever evolving world, businesses are challenged by the need to keep abreast with the ever changing world and demand of customers. This is especially true for SMEs where businesses can vastly improve throughput with the use of computerisation and digitisation activities.

Dharm has worked with a number of local, small and medium businesses in the areas of productivity management using business process reengineering and where possible encouraging digitisation activities as many of these SMEs are still very manual intensive. This also encourages them to take the first step to gear them up for IR4.0 in line with government initiatives.

The approach involves analysing and mapping the existing processes and identifying any gaps. The processes are then tweaked and improved. Non value added tasks are minimised and repetitive tasks are automated where possible using digitisation. This included embracing e-commerce to drive sales and reduce costs and where applicable, incorporate the usage of IoT for tracking of deliveries and real time warehousing. Processes are also built for this future consideration as currently the costs may not justify the implementation of such activities.

Many SME's do not have an effective Web presence either and to this end, Dharm provides consultancy on setting up and designing Web pages - either using content management systems for more effective websites or just simple HTML and CSS based pages for an online presence. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) tests are also performed for businesses that already have an online presence to identify areas for improvement and to optimise their websites.

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