Welcome to dharmnavaratnam.com - my own personal space on the World Wide Web.

I started my website way back in August 1996, soon after I got my very first internet connection. Why did I start a website? Basically because I wanted to learn how the web operated, how to design webpages and how to publish them. What a better way to learn than by actually doing it!

I have also found that by having my own website, I now have an avenue to share my thoughts as well as a medium to document events in my life. Best of all, it has enabled friends and family from around the world to keep in touch with my life as well as enabling some long lost friends to get in contact with me again.

I registered the Domain dharmnavaratnam.com in 2000 and now aside from my own website, this domain also proudly hosts the websites of my two children, Michael Anil Navaratnam and Sarah Anisha Navaratnam

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy browsing these pages. Be Well.